How many people do you think can say their work safeguards the integrity of crucial infrastructure and cutting-edge technology? By doing the NDT course, you will be one of those esteemed professionals. In a field where every detail matters, where the unseen flaw or the subtlest irregularity can have substantial aftereffects, your skills will be the reliability for safety. So if you are ready to be someone who can be reliable, join IMS for your NDT course in Kochi.

  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • In our VT course, you're not just learning to inspect; you're learning to understand the language of materials. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry. With our specialized tools and techniques, you will sharpen your eye for detail and be empowered with the knowledge to turn visual observations into actionable insights. It will help you detect surface defects, corrosion, misalignments, and other irregularities that might escape the untrained eye.

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)
  • Ready to be a forensic expert in the world of materials? Our LPT course in Kochi takes you on into the microscopic universe within metals and composites, teaching you to uncover and interpret the subtlest signs of wear, fatigue, and damage. You'll master the application of liquid penetrants. You will get theory with hands-on practice, ensuring you understand not just the 'how' but the 'why' behind each technique.

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Imagine being the one who can predict and prevent failures before they even surface. That's the power you'll wield with Ultrasonic Testing. We'll guide you through the complexity of using high-frequency sound waves. This will help you detect internal flaws in materials. Not just that. You'll acquire experience with transducers, understand sound beam generation, and learn how to interpret the echoes that these waves create. Are you ready?

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • See the unseen! Yes, that's what our Magnetic Particle Testing course in Kochi will make you capable of. We will introduce you to the fascinating world of ferromagnetic materials that will teach you how to apply magnetic fields and detect surface and subsurface discontinuities. We don't just teach you the methods; we immerse you in the science behind it. With MT, you're not just checking materials; you're guaranteeing their strength and reliability in industries that the world depends on.

  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Have you seen a surgeon use a scalpel? That's how you will wield the power of X-rays and gamma rays after our NDT Radiographic Testing course. In this, you will study the science behind radiography, and learn how to use these powerful beams to inspect and analyze the internal structure of materials. Whether it's in aerospace, construction, or manufacturing, your ability to diagnose material health will make you an invaluable asset.

  • Radiographic Film Interpretation (RTFI)
  • The RTFI course is where your technical knowledge meets critical thinking. In this course, you will learn the intricate art of interpreting radiographic films, akin to a detective deciphering clues. This course will make you capable of going beyond just identifying flaws to understanding their implications, predicting potential failures, and making informed decisions.

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