• Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Radiographic Film Interpretation (RTFI)

More Details NDT Courses

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a testing method used by industry to analyse the qualities of a material, component, structure, or system for characteristic variations, welding faults, and discontinuities without possible disruption to the original part. Non-destructive testing (NDT), alternatively referred to as non examination (NDE) or non-destructive inspection (NDI), is a relatively safe testing procedure for operators, as most approaches aren’t harmful to humans. By ensuring that structures, components, and machinery are safe, this testing method can also assist in preventing injury or fatalities.

Choosing a NDT as a career is the best choice available in the current job market. A NDT certification allows you to make critical decisions about a component’s integrity. One will have the potential to become your own boss or work for an NDT firm with this qualification.

There are three different levels in NDT. This certification could be used to enter into those following levels at acceptable positions. During the testing, one could like being an operator at Level I, which is the most basic level. You can become a supervisor after finishing Level II, and after obtaining Level III, the highest certification as an NDT expert, one would be in charge of writing procedures and standards. You’ll also be responsible for overseeing and certifying level I and II tests.Anyone starting at the complete beginner level can work their way up to Level II and III. This could be accomplished with expertise and passing the tests.In NDT level 1, there are four techniques, whereas in NDT level 2, there are a minimum of six methods and a maximum of sixteen methods, so that an individual’s job should be determined by their certification therefore that they can work in the industry. The most difficult degree is NDT level 2 in oil and gas where one can earn extra money and travel all over the world.

India is the world’s seventh-largest country by area and the world’s second-largest by people. India demands a large number of NDT graduates for development, and there are several opportunities and jobs for NDT students in India. The NDT is a broad category of industry and a rapidly developing sector, and it is one of the greatest courses to do if you want to work in a high-profile position in India or abroad.

NDT has a large scope and its application extends from food processing and export to aerospace and missile manufacture.The best part about NDT is that it guarantees 100% job placement after the training is completed.This profession’s prospects have been quite promising. Countless Level I, Level II, and Level III specialists are employed throughout Asia and Africa, with substantial financial rewards. Skilled experts with NDT certification have demand all over the world globally .

The lucrative international opportunities and career development offered by this course is not beyond the reach out of a common man. A career involving NDT is highly dynamic, and ongoing training is required. Because errors in the NDT business might have disastrous repercussions, an NDT operator should anticipate having to renew skills on a regular basis and attend training courses. Institutes like IMS COCHIN in Kerala ,is a one of the Institute in India,from where one can get the best quality of knowledge,certification and placement .